Premium European plans

Nov 19, 2020

With the introduction of our new premium plans, you're better equipped to make changes to your plan without having to worry about long delays due to network operator restrictions.

What is a premium plan?

The same great support, with greater flexibility, faster plan changes, increased technical features, and better reporting.

Monthly plans

Live data usage

View your current data usage online at any time. Your allowance updates every few hours (4 hours maximum) to give you the most up-to-date usage reporting available.

Monthly plans

Faster upgrades

Unlike other network operators, we can upgrade the plan allowance at any time – even out of business hours.

Monthly plans

No overage charges

All plans are capped, meaning that you cannot go over your bundle allowance. Upgrades are simple and can be completed at any time – even out of business hours and on a weekend.

Monthly plans

Better coverage

Gain access to more 4G networks across Europe than our other plans.

Why KPN?

The network we make use of was created with IoT (internet of things) devices in mind. Without getting too technical, the infrastructure allows us to retrieve and change data for the SIM cards and plans in just a few seconds.

Leveraging KPN partner networks across Europe gives you better 4G network coverage across Europe.

Premium plan coverage

Better 4G network coverage across Europe than our Vodafone and Orange offering.

Technical features

The new technical standard for roaming mobile data connections.

Monthly plans

Fixed IP address

All SIM cards have the ability to have fixed public IP addresses assigned. This is useful for services such as Exchange server.

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VPN services

A secure VPN encryption service is available with each SIM card. This is useful for keeping data secure, or for use with speed bonding services.

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Share data across cards

Choose to share your data across several SIM cards for failover and speed bonding services.