Yacht internet & voice

Reinventing boat subscriptions

Introducing 30 day mobile internet & voice plans for boats. European and worldwide subscriptions on a single SIM.

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Get unlimited internet data

With plans ranging from 10GB up to a massive 2TB, you have the data you need for streaming, talking, emailing, browsing (and all the other 'ings too!)

Boat data limits

10GB - 2TB boat mobile internet data

Boat data SIM card

Choose a single or multiple SIM cards and formats

One SIM to power your boat internet

Choose to use a single SIM or data spread across multiple SIM cards - whatever works best for your circumstances. Using a marine mobile data SIM in a 3G or 4G router will allow you to power internet for the entire boat, crew, guests and owners.

Why 4G Yacht?

Great contracts, speeds and support

Europe & worldwide

Boat data Europe worldwide plans

Forget about data charges whilst you travel. 4G Yacht covers a huge list of countries in Europe including France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom and worldwide plans including Russia and USA.

The lowest contract lengths

Boat internet short contract

Choose a plan length that suits you and even pause your agreement when required, keeping the SIM card for when you need it again. 4G Yacht plans start on a rolling
30 day contract.

Super-fast 4G speeds

Fast boat internet

With up to300Mbps speeds, you'll be downloading movies in minutes and browsing the internet at the speed of light. You'll also get freedom of choice - choose the optimal network in your area for the fastest speed.

Tips & advice

When purchasing internet for your boat, remember to check a few things with your provider. Can you use the SIM in a mobile data router? Can you use with multiple SIM cards? Do they offer a 30 day contract or trial period and how can you cap data?

Boat mobile internet router

Use a router

Using a 4G router specifically built for a marine environment allows you to connect your SIM card with your entire network, powering the on-board systems and internet for computers, wireless access points and everyone on-board.

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Boat SIM cards

Multiple SIM's

Using multiple SIM cards in your mobile data router allows you to combine and aggregate data streams and gain a faster connection. You can choose to use a second (third and fourth) SIM card as a hot-failover or use them simultaneously to get a speed boost.

Boat short data contracts

Try for 30 days

You need to see whether a data plan will work the way you want it to. Forget about purchasing lengthy contracts and choose a provider that offers monthly contracts.

Boat cap data usage

Cap data usage

Ensure your 4G router is capable of throttling, sending a warning or disabling the internet connection if you near your total bandwidth. Capping your data will stop you getting any large bills at the end of the month.

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