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SIM cards that power boat internet
& crew voice plans

Introducing 30 day mobile internet & voice plans for boats.
SIM card subscriptions for Europe and worldwide.

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Laser based yacht internet

We’re working with Attochron to bring laser internet technology to the yachting community.

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Flexible boat SIM cards for internet at sea

Affordable, high speed marine internet data plans and the most advanced 4G WiFi boosters for internet at sea makes 4G Yacht the premier mobile boat internet supplier on the Riviera. Forget about roaming charges – our boat internet plans include either European or worldwide coverage.

Flexible boat SIM cards

Unlimited roaming boat internet plans

With plans ranging from 10GB up to a massive 40TB+, you have the data you need for streaming, talking, emailing, browsing (and all the other ‘ings too!)

Unlimited internet

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