Big data SIM

Monthly rolling SIM card internet plans. Plans for Boats, Businesses, Homes and Crew.

Wherever you travel, wherever you call home – stay connected with a fast 4G and 5G data subscription with zero speed throttling.

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Unlimited Europe data








No commitment

A monthly rolling contract is available for 4G data plans

We hear you, long term commitments don’t work for most people. That’s why all 4G Yacht data plans come with a monthly rolling contract as standard. If you’re looking for a longer term commitment, we’ve also got your covered, and will set you up with a contract with a discount.

Change plans anytime

Upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time

Choosing a data allowance can be tough, we get that. Our sales team will talk you through finding the perfect plan for your needs. Want to start small and upgrade as your go, no problem! We know that things can change, which is why you can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time. 

Guarateed satisfaction

Free set up help, free shipping, expert technicians

Purchase a plan and we’ve got your back. Sometimes simply buying data isn’t enough to get your up and running – many 4G Yacht customers look to us for router configuration assistance, which we provide, free of charge. Our aim is to get you up and running in the shortest amount of time. And hey, if you hit a bump whilst using our plans, our expert technicians are on hand to give you a helping hand.

Included as standard

Monthly plans

Monthly plans

All data plans are monthly rolling.

Calendar with hourglass

Suspend and reactivate

Stop your subscription and restart.

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Fastest speeds

Zero connection throttling.

Email envelope with heart letter

Allowance alerts

75%, 90%, 95% usage reports.

Support technician

Technician support

Available for any technical query.


Premium coverage

Stay connected wherever you travel.

No speed throttling

It’s your data, use it as you want

Use as much data as you need. Worried about going over your allowance? No problem, we can add capping to most data plans if requested. Note that if you surpass your allowance limit, you may be liable for additional charges.

Suspend and reactivate

Keep your SIM, disable and reactivate when needed

A popular feature of 4G Yacht data plans is the ability to suspend a plan when you won’t be using it for a few months. Maybe yacht clients find that they only need data services for half the year, or you won’t be at home for the next few months. With 4G Yacht data plans you can suspend when you won’t be using data, and reactivate the same SIM card when needed again.

4G Boats

Our customers range from some of the largest pleasure vessels, oil rigs, cruise liners, shipping vessels to riverboats on the Nile.

Choose from a range of locations including the Caribbean, Europe, and France & Monaco, or opt for a worldwide plan.

4G Business

Discover better support and coverage for business applications including our premium plans, built for mission-critical environments and IoT devices.

With a premium subscription, you’ll gain access to a portal detailing SIM card status, live allowance updates, connection status as well as in-depth reporting.

4G Homes

Still waiting for better cable internet? 4G SIM cards, powered by the right data router, can power video streaming, internet surfing, and more for your entire family.

4G Crew

Built for Captains and crew looking for a better solution to stay in touch with crew. European and worldwide data for your entire complement of staff.

4G Routers

Having a fast SIM card is a bit like a chocolate teapot if you don’t have the right equipment to power it. A data router can provide a significantly stronger signal, increasing download and upload speeds, as well as your patience.