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4G internet for boats and crew

Faster and more affordable than satellite internet. Pay as you go and monthly rolling data plans with transparent pricing.

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Feeling free - no commitment

No commitment

Suspend your plan at anytime and keep hold of the SIM cards. Re-activate your plan at any time.

Change plans at any time

Change anytime

Plans unique as your vessel. Choose to upgrade and downgrade when you need to.

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Guaranteed satisfaction

Our passion for internet and technology matches your passion for marine travel. We're here when you need us.

Premium European plans

With the introduction of our new premium plans, you're better equipped to make changes to your plan without having to worry about long delays due to network operator restrictions.
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Does unlimited mobile data exist?

“Hello, do you provide unlimited yacht internet?" is a question we frequently receive from Captains and crew. The quick answer is yes, but you'll need to pay more for that experience.
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5G yacht internet at sea - forget it!

Connectivity at sea is a necessity for yachts. 5G data is not a marine internet service you should consider. Find out why 4G is still the clear winner.
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