What you can do with 4G Yacht

Connect to all major network operators

Don't  settle for a single network solution. Experience a SIM card that connects to more core operators - providing you with faster speeds and better reliability. Choose to automatically connect to the strongest signal, or choose any network manually using a non-steered SIM solution.

Connect to all major network operators
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Pay less per GB

We can't be beaten on price. Our European plans start at less than 2€ per GB.

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Experience lower latency

Multi-network SIM cards that are smart enough to dynamically connect to the nearest point of presence (POP).

Lower latency, faster internet. Simple.

We literally wrote the book on yacht data

Not many yacht owners and Captains are aware of the shady practices surrounding 4G data in the marine industry. Even if you don't choose to work with us, we are here to guide and help you whenever we can.

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Trusted by the worlds largest vessels and loved by crew. 4G Yacht keeps you connected everywhere.

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