Data routers.
Internet offshore.

Roam throughout Europe and the world. Stream & browse internet at sea with no speed limitations with our range of recommended Peplink boat routers.
Faster internet offshore

Marine WiFi systems for offshore internet access

Auto failover
Failover to different SIM cards and connections
SpeedFusion Technology
Unbreakable connectivity using more SIM cards and networks.

How it works

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Peplink Max Transit data router

MAX Transit 5G

Small 5G Mobile Router
Reduce Wi-Fi congestion and interference and enjoy two independent networks that work simultaneously to maximize throughput and overall user experience.
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Peplink Balance 310 5G data router

Balance 310 5G

5G-Hybrid Enterprise Connectivity
With SpeedFusion Cloud you can utilise traffic steering. A technology whereby connections are controlled based on the application, limiting data wastage and traffic.
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Peplink MBX 5G data router


5G Quad Cellular Powerhouse
MBX 5G is a quad cellular mobile powerhouse with redundant SIM slots and multi-radio capabilities providing speed, reliability, and coverage by combining the best of 5G and LTE.
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4G Yacht recommends Peplink
Power your entire yacht with a single or multiple SIM cards. Use failover or bonding for a speed increase. Using a mobile data router gives you the ability to have fast marine broadband speeds.

4G Yacht (Wave Connect) is a PepLink Certified Engineer, so you can rest safe in the knowledge that we know the correct equipment and configuration to suit your vessel. From plans and advice through to excellent after-sales support – 4G Yacht is a one-stop shop for your internet at sea requirements.

4G Yacht is a Peplink Certified Engineer and reseller