Business data SIM

Keeping business professionals connected

Join other happy clients and get a stable, reliable, fast internet connection that keeps your business running, everywhere in the world.

Simple set up

A router and a SIM card is all that’s needed

Getting online with your new 4G business data plan is simple. Simply insert the card into your router or phone, change a few settings and you’ll be online in no time.

Our technicians are on hand to ensure that your setup gives you the optimal experience.

No long contracts

Trial an internet service, without the risk

Finding the right internet plan for your business is tough, especially when most providers lock you in to a long contract.

4G Yacht data plans are monthly rolling as standard (quarterly on premium commercial plans).

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In-depth reporting

Premium plans include portal access

View a list of all your cards, including live network operator, statistics, hourly and daily allowance. Drill down to discover how and when your cards are used.

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Zero speed throttling

Zero speed capping

All 4G Yacht SIM cards allow you to use data without worrying about speed throttling. Your SIM cards will connect to the strongest signal, and if required, you can manually choose the network you want to connect to.

Failover to other SIM cards

Talk to our knowledgeable technicians about how multi-SIM data routers, combined with data sharing and failover can benefit your business.

In-depth SIM card performance reports

Premium 4G Yacht data plans give you access to live allowance and statuses for your SIM cards. View all SIM cards under a single account and view the current network provider and more. With in-depth reporting and analytics, you can monitor and view data usage on an hourly basis.

“Solved many problems”

A timely support service and have answered all our queries and solved our many IT problems to date.

Kaberry Construction

James Gray, Director

“Hard working”

It’s a low-cost investment providing a good return. Streamlining admin processes is always an added value and allows my team to get on with revenue and business growth. I have worked with the guys on a number of projects, a couple within my own company and latterly in 2011 based on that earlier relationship as a subcontractor to a bigger BPR project. The fairly significant software, data, comms and networking elements of the project were well specified and documented, delivered on time and within budget. No hesitation or reservations in recommending or working with the team in the future.

LMA Services

Michael Taylor, Manager

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