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Questions and answers

Does this plan cover the Caribbean?

Yes. The plan comes with two SIM cards. One Orange France card covers the French side of the Island and one Vodafone UK card covers other locations.

Do I get charged for going over my allowance?

We’ll email you when you are getting close to your allowance limit – around 75%, 90% and 95% of the total you purchased. You can choose to upgrade mid-month if required. On premium plans, we can cap usage by a set GB, which means that you will have no overage charges.

We recommend that you configure your router to monitor your bandwidth usage (download and upload speeds). We can help you configure your router should you need assistance.

Will I be charged for going out-of-zone?

Yes, and the additional cost could be significant. For all worldwide plans, we require that your data router blacklists countries that are not covered by the worldwide plan. You can view our Peplink blacklisting guide here.

Do I need a dual SIM router to use this plan?

A dual SIM router is recommended but not required. A correctly configured dual SIM router will automatically select the card that will connect to the internet. You can however simply insert the SIM card that will work depending on your current location.