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4G Yacht has teamed up with leading industry expert Attochron to make laser internet technology a reality. A fast, completely safe, reliable superfast internet connection without the need for wires. 1Gbps+ speeds over an invisible laser beam. You can now get a fast internet connection anywhere.

VIP laser internet for boats

Internet without wires

Now available for business & private residences

Technology so advanced that it wouldn’t look out of place in a science fiction movie. As someone who wants the most cutting edge technology, you’ll feel at home with 4G Yacht VIP services. Ultrashort pulse laser internet provides a superior connection with unparalleled speeds. It even works in adverse weather conditions.

Laser based boat internet

4G Yacht internet


Attochron laser internet

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Zero latency laser internet comms

The solution for day traders

Working at the speed of light means that lasers have almost zero latency, which is perfect when you need live, up-to-date information. Laser comms are faster than both satellite and mobile data internet connections.

Laser based internet

Attochron is changing the way we think about traditional internet. With current speeds beginning at 1GB/s and little interference from weather conditions, this technology is suited to a number of applications including earth to satellite, cell tower backhaul and high net worth individual applications such as superyachts, large residences and businesses.

Attochron and 4G Yacht laser internet

Close to zero latency

Ultrashort pulse (USP) lasers have close to zero latency and are faster than fiber optic cabling (due to delays caused by fiber). Ultrafast speeds (beginning at 1Gbps) are broadcast at the speed of light. Due to our lasers using USP rather than a continuous wave (CW), they are unaffected by weather conditions.

Focus on business and pleasure, not problems

Almost zero latency, shore to ship, to residence, and business. Superfast speeds, completely safe and non-interceptable.

Completely safe

  • Surpasses all safety requirements
  • Completely safe to the eye


  • Not interceptable

Multiple applications

  • Shore to moving vessel
  • Ground station to residence
  • Ground station to business
  • Business to business network
  • Ground to satellite

Constantly improving

  • In progress trial for 4KM – 10KM
  • In progress trial of 10KM+ distances

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Be at the forefront ​

We’re accepting businesses, large residences and vessels for our laser service.

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