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More network operators in the French West Indies

If you purchase a French West Indies plan from a different provider, chances are that you'll only be covered throughout the main yachting stopovers by Digicel. In addition, you will likely only get 3G coverage and latency may be slow.

Say hello to a SIM card that provides multi-network 4G coverage everywhere in the French West Indies. We also provide a reduced price KPN Europe option for those wanting video streaming.

Our network operators for other areas (The Bahamas, and French West Indies) include UTS, Orange Caribe , BTC and Aliv.

Open graph image - Caribbean beach and network operators including Digicel, Flow, BTC, Orange, AT&T, T-Mobile, T-Mobile and Verizon.
French West Indies map


Digicel territories: French Guiana, Guadeloupe, Martinique, Saint Martin (French side), Saint Barthelemy.

Orange Caribe territories: French Guiana, Martinique, St.Martin and St Barth, Guadeloupe.

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The largest global coverage coupled with the lowest latency and best prices per GB.

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Prepaid data can be used for up to a year or more. Simply run your data down as you use it and top up as required.

Zero throttling

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Commercial SIM card

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Zero speed throttling

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Unbeatable 4G coverage

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All major network operators

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Local latency optionse times

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Use KPN Europe as a budget option

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