Build your own phone plan

Choose your region and amount of data. Stay connected with friends and family.

Standard plan features

All build-your-own data plans include the same awesome features.

All major operators

Connect to almost every network on the planet.

Fixed monthly fee

The monthly fee is all you pay. There are zero out of zone charges or shipping costs.

Top-up when needed

Need more data? Even when you run out you'll be able to get online (at a limited speed) to enable top-up.

Man stood next to large mobile phone and pointing at the screen

A monthly contract - forget long term commitments

We get that long term contracts don't work for crew. You need a flexible contract that you can change or cancel when needed.

Throttles when limit reached

We'll throttle your connection when you've reached your allowance limit. You'll still be able to connect to the internet to top-up.

Physical or e-SIM

Choose a traditional SIM card or e-SIM card for immediate activation via email.

Choose a data allowance & region for coverage.

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Bespoke data allowances.