$1350 /month

Caribbean data at European prices (300GB)

Get a 300GB data bundle for The Caribbean at only $4 per GB. Connect to all major network operators in The Caribbean.

Caribbean data at European prices (300GB)

Purchase a 300GB bundle for a low price of $4 per GB - that's a huge 50% saving on our usual pricing.


  • Local latency, local point of presence
  • 4G coverage on all Islands listed
  • 1 (full) month minimum commitment
  • 1 month rolling plan

For more coverage options, see our Caribbean and French West Indies options.


Antigua (Digicel), British Virgin Islands (Digicel). Bermuda, Saint-Barthélemy (Dutch side / UTS).

Offer ends Dec 31, 2021!

Caribbean data at European prices (300GB)

This deal has ended.

But who knows, maybe we're feeling generous?

Deal ends

Dec 31, 2021

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