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Introducing monthly rolling internet & voice plans for boats. SIM card subscriptions and mobile data equipment for Europe and worldwide.

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No lengthy lock-ins

Try for one month with no long commitment

Traditional long term mobile data contracts simply don’t work for vessels and crew. It’s time for change. 4G Yacht data and voice plans come with monthly rolling contracts as standard.

Popular plans for crew


4g Calendar

Monthly plan

Worry free internet plans. No lengthy contracts. Cancel with a months’ notice.

4G No Speed Limitations

No speed limitation

Highest available speeds. Unlike other providers, we don’t throttle your connection. Use 4G and 5G where available.

4G European coverage

Best coverage

4G Yacht uses the best network providers in Europe & worldwide to provide superior coverage.

4g Data Capping Allowance Alerts

Allowance alerts

Anxious about data usage? You’ll receive alerts when you’re nearing your data limit.

4g Bandwidth Bonding and multiple SIM cards

Multiple SIM cards

Spread data allowance across multiple cards Bandwidth bonding and fallback by spreading allowance across multiple cards.

4G upgrade downgrade suspend contract

Downgrade / Upgrade

Need more data? Choose to downgrade with a months notice, and upgrade at any time.

What are you looking for?

Boat services

4G Boat Services

Mobile data SIM cards and equipment that power your boats internet.

Crew plans

4G Crew Plans

Personal data and voice plans for crew, based around itinerary.

VIP services

4G VIP Services

Laser based superfast internet for large corporations, villas and superyachts.

Boat internet 40 miles offshore

Boat data plans & equipment at sea

Peplink certified engineer and partner – get the best advice based on your needs. Mobile data routers and antennas that will surpass your expectations – reliable and fast.

Popular plans for boats

4G European plans

Boat EU data plans

Mobile internet for everyone on-board, everywhere in Europe.

4G worldwide data plans

Boat world data plans

Power crew and guest internet everywhere you travel.

4G WiFi mobile data routers

Data routers

Internet up to 40 miles offshore. Fast reliable data routers.

A decade of experience

providing winning services to the marine industry

Our parent company, Azuz IT, has been providing services such as IT, Sky TV and more to the marine services for over a decade.

Great coverage

4G global coverage

Forget about data charges whilst you travel. 4G Yacht covers a huge list of countries in Europe including France, Germany, Italy, United Kingdom and worldwide plans including Monaco, Russia and USA.

One month contract

4g Calendar

Choose a plan length that suits you, your itinerary and rotation. Pause your agreement when required, keeping the SIM card for when you need it again. No lengthy lock-ins – 4G Yacht plans start on a rolling monthly contract.

Fast 4G & 5G speeds

4g No Speed Limitations

Unlike other providers, our SIM cards do not throttle speeds – you can feel safe in the knowledge you’ll be getting the best possible speeds. SIM cards works with 4G and the new 5G networks.

Yacht Chandlers

"Available seemingly around the clock & so far, we've not been disappointed. I would recommend this service without hesitation"

"We no longer have constant issues and always get a quick response from technicians. I recommend this service to all yachts. Improved our bandwidth & speed – the owner has never been so happy!"
MY Natita
“Outstanding service”
MY Ecstasea
“10-times better than what we had before”
Riviera Yacht Support
“Incredibly helpful and professional”
Crew Agency

Start with a monthly plan​

Try for one month with no long commitment

Better experience for your guests and crew, fewer headaches for your team.
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