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98% coverage provided by Orange France

Pay monthly or pay yearly for big data.

France network coverage

Pay as you go.

Stop wasting data, pay per GB.


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per GB

Pay for usage

For European use

Data validity

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Orange France network

98% connectivity

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Covers France & Monaco

Basic connectivity with network and partners.

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No limits on GB purchase

Unlimited GB/TB for internet, email and video streaming.​

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Orange France

Orange France network and partners throughout France and Monaco Telecom in Monaco.

1x Physical SIM card

Insert SIM cards into your data router. Configure the APN and viola, unlimited internet data.


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Zero throttling. Zero fair usage

Use as much data as you need without worrying about speed restrictions.


No additional costs

Stay within the data coverage zone and use as much data as needed.


Coverage across France & Monaco by Orange France.

Questions and answers

Orange France has a large network across France and covers around 98% of the country. In Monaco, you’ll connect to the Monaco Telecom network, which provides excellent coverage around the principality.

Yes, you can use the SIM card in whatever device you are using. Note that the modem of the device must have a European, international or other modem capable of connecting to European networks. If you’re unsure, contact us for help.

We’ll email you when you are getting close to your allowance limit – around 75%, 90% and 95% of the total you purchased. You can choose to upgrade mid-month if required. If requested, we can also “cap” usage, which means that you are unable to go over the allowance and incur no overage charges.

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