Every European network

Unlimited or pay as you go. Dual core network.

Providing local latency data plans for every carrier in Europe.

Core network coverage

Choose from an unlimited European plan or pay as you go.

Excellent network coverage across all major European networks.

European data plans

Unlimited or pay as you go

For those Captains that have security in mind, the business-grade crew plan means that you can stay in contact with crew anywhere in the world whilst ensuring higher security levels.

Crew can enjoy unlimited data use for business applications including internet, email and voice calling. Built with ease of management in mind, crew can stay connected with each other across all core network providers anywhere in the world.



European coverage

Stay connected with your crew anywhere in the world.

Global network icon

Commercial grade

Zero throttling, no fair usage and use outside of region as long as possible.

Distance icon

Low latency

Local exchanges for lower ping times and faster response speeds.

Cloud network icon

Choice of networks

Single core with partners, or all core network providers.

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5 alarming secrets yachts must know

Learn about the shocking tactics used by yacht mobile data providers and how to avoid them.