Peplink Genius Service

Anybody can become a Peplink certified Engineer, Reseller or other credentialed “expert”. What you need is ex-Peplink engineers that work with high-net worth individuals, emergency services, military and other mission-critical applications. 

4G Yacht offers unique Peplink services that no other company can offer.

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Peplink Genius Service by 4G Yacht and Wave Connect.

Best of breed Peplink certified A+

Peplink certifications matter, but when dealing with mission-critical applications only the best of breed will do.

Health check

Keep your device running smoothly

For clients not needing retained or ad-hoc services, a health check is available which includes an allocation of two hours engineering time.

Diagnostics included

Detailed suggestions included

Useful for change of location scenarios

Peplink router with 4G Yacht SIM cards
Yacght image alongside man depicting a technical Peplink support representative

Ad-hoc support

Keep your device running smoothly

For non-retainer based customers. This solution is useful for support, tuning, and reconfiguration engineering.

Per hour rates

Per day rates

Pay only when used

No long contracts

Hire a best of breed Peplink Engineer

Reactive support

Ex-Peplink engineers email support

Email based service for rapid diagnosis of issues after being reported by the client, if engineering work is required to resolve the issue this is billable at the ad hoc engineering rate listed below. Time spent on engineering responses can be given a pre-approved spend cap to control costs.

Single, dual and quad modem support

No long commitment - 30 day contract

Peplink reactive support showing captains hat and vessel
Hand holding a mobile phone with an image of a Captain on the screen. Logo at bottom reads 4G Yacht.

Proactive support

Daily checks and inclusive engineering time

When you simply need the best possible service. Full proactive monitoring & unlimited engineering. This level includes rapid diagnosis and engineering services as required, with proactive monitoring of the status of the Peplink device.

Single, dual and quad modem support

Inclusive of labour time

Help when you need it

No long contracts

Applications for use

Almost zero latency, shore to ship, to residence, and business. Superfast speeds, completely safe and non-intercept-able.

Icon of a boat

Marine / Vessels

Ensure you have a stable connection at sea.

Icon of skyscrapers


A reliable primary and backup connection.

Icon of a town


Benefit from a better quality connection.


Quick communications with zero configuration.

Icon of a satellite dish

Multiple WAN

Increase connection quality with multiple inputs.

Critical responders

Zero config encrypted routers. Lowest latency.

Best of breed Peplink Engineers