Data routers.
Internet offshore.

Roam throughout Europe and the world. Stream & browse internet at sea with no speed limitations with our range of recommended Peplink boat routers. Using a mobile data router gives you the ability to have fast marine broadband speeds.

Peplink data routers

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Peplink MAX Transit 5G w500

MAX Transit 5G

Small 5G Mobile Router

Reduce Wi-Fi congestion and interference and enjoy two independent networks that work simultaneously to maximize throughput and overall user experience.

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Peplink Balance 310 5G w500

Balance 310 5G

5G-Hybrid Connectivity

Utilise SpeedFusion Cloud for traffic steering. A technology whereby connections are controlled based on the application, limiting data wastage and traffic.

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Peplink MBC 5G w500


5G Quad Cellular Powerhouse

A quad cellular mobile powerhouse with redundant SIM slots and multi-radio capabilities. Speed, reliability, and excellent coverage by combining 5G and LTE.

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Peplink Genius Service

Best of breed Peplink Engineers. Power your entire yacht with a single or multiple SIM cards. Use failover or bonding for a speed increase and better quality connection.

Check your configuration and tweak

Peplink certified resellers and engineers

Remote configuration and assistance

Hire a genius
Peplink Genius Service by 4G Yacht and Wave Connect.