Unlimited European data. All networks.

Unlimited data for SIM card WiFi routers. Connect to every network operator on 4G.

Demand flexibility
Unlimited European internet network provider logos

Every network operator

Connect to every 4G network operator with our multi-network SIM cards. Say hello to a SIM card that defaults to the strongest signal.

Plus, choose any available network manually if that's your style.

Network provider list

More options, easy SIM management

All major core networks

The SIM card will steer to the strongest signal, but you can choose to manually select almost any available network.

Better coverage

More networks

Local latency / Fast ping time

Local point of presence (POP) ensure your requests travel a shorter distance, meaning lower latency and increased speed.

Local POP

Faster response time

Allowance alerts

Receive timely emails when nearing your data limit, giving you time to top-up. You can also check usage online, useful if you have multiple cards.

Email alerts

Check usage online

Contract terms

A minimum 3-month commitment.
Monthly thereafter.


Pay monthly for 3-months

Pay monthly in advance for a 3-month minimum term.


Continue on a monthly basis

Continue to pay in advance on a monthly basis thereafter.


Cancel any time

Cancel any time (30 days notice required).

Fixed fee unlimited European internet

4G SIM cards that steer to the strongest signal, but with the flexibility of manual network selection if needed.


Pay Unlimited as you go

A new plan with the benefits of pay as you go and the flexibility of an unlimited data fee. All with a maximum capped fee and zero speed throttling.

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