Unlimited European data. All networks.

Unlimited data for SIM card WiFi routers. Connect to all major 4G network operators.

Demand flexibility
New & Free!

+ French West Indies inclusive

4G Yacht multi-network SIM cards also work in the French West Indies on Orange Caraibe.

French West Indies
Unlimited European internet network provider logos

Every core network operator

Connect to every major 4G network operator with our multi-network SIM cards.

Say hello to a SIM card that defaults to the strongest signal, with the option to choose manually if that's your style.

Network provider list

Backup SIM card for redundancy

Never settle for a single SIM solution. If the worst happens and you lose your internet connection, you have a pay per GB backup card available.

No monthly cost, no activation cost.
Simply pay per GB when you need it.

4G Yacht backup SIM card with logo and exclamation mark.

More options, easy SIM management

All major core networks

The SIM card will steer to the strongest signal, but you can choose to manually select almost any available network.

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Better coverage

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More networks

Local latency / Fast ping

Local point of presence (POP) ensure your requests travel a shorter distance, meaning lower latency and increased speed.

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Local POP

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Faster response time

Check usage online

Check usage online for all of your SIM cards and subscription plans. Get a full picture of your data usage at a glance.

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Usage at a glance

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Multi-user access

Unlimited data plan - dual sim card

Share data across multiple SIM cards

Have a dual SIM router and want to aggregate or bond the connection?

4G Yacht unlimited plans include an option to choose a dual card or quad card configuration. Share data across several inputs (and multiple networks) at the same time.

Contract terms

A minimum 3-month commitment.
Monthly thereafter.


Pay monthly for 3-months

Pay monthly in advance for a 3-month minimum term.


Continue on a monthly basis

Continue to pay in advance on a monthly basis thereafter.


Cancel any time

Cancel any time (30 days notice required).

Fixed fee unlimited European internet pricing

4G SIM cards that steer to the strongest signal with the flexibility of manual network selection if needed.

All plans include

All the data you need on a single, or multiple SIM cards.

Primay & backup cards

Check usage online

Zero speed throttling

Connect to all networks

Zero speed throttling

Non-steered SIM card

2.50€ per GB after fair usage policy

1TB Single SIM

Plan 1

1 card

All the data you need on a single SIM card.

1 primary SIM card

1 backup SIM card


/ per month

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1TB Dual SIM

Plan 2

2 cards

All the data you need on two SIM cards.

2 primary SIM cards

2 backup SIM cards


/ per month

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1.5TB Quad SIM

Plan 3

4 cards

Big data usage shared across four SIM cards.

4 primary SIM cards

4 backup SIM cards


/ per month

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Latest speed tests

Check out the latest speed tests submitted by our customers.

Bouyges Telecom
Bouyges Telecom

October 21, 2021

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Bouyges Telecom
Bouyges Telecom

September 29, 2021

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September 21, 2021

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Bouyges Telecom
Bouyges Telecom

August 16, 2021

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Pay as you go

Same card, same advantages. Pay only for the data you use.