Enjoy every drop of data with pay as you go.

Built for boats that demand flexibility, pay per GB offers more bang for your buck than regular data bundles.

Demand flexibility

More core networks for better coverage

4G SIM cards that steer to the strongest signal, but with the flexibility of manual network selection if needed.


No monthly charges

Prepay for a block of data that's valid for 12 months, or simply pay as you go and per per GB.

No out of zone charges

No additional charges. Simply use your purchased data without worrying about other fees.

An Unlimited number of SIM cards per account

Share your purchased data across an unlimited amount of SIM cards, all accessible via your portal login.

Multiple SIM cards work excellently in multi-SIM routers such as Peplink, Celerway and CEll Weaver to give you and your guests faster speeds and better resiliency.

Fleet Manager? Set an allowance per card, or allow free use of the data for all yachts.

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More options, easy SIM management

All major core networks

The SIM card will steer to the strongest signal, but you can choose to manually select almost any available network.

Better coverage

More networks

Low latency / Fast ping

Local point of presence (POP) ensure your requests travel a shorter distance, meaning lower latency and increased speed.

Local POP

Faster response time

Check usage online

Log in to our portal and check data usage for all cards. Grant user permissions and generate reports.

Generate reports

Check usage online

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