Caribbean data

Coverage across the majority of the Caribbean Islands including both Dutch and French sides.


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Questions and answers

Does this plan cover both Dutch and French sides of the Islands?

Yes. The plan comes with two SIM cards. One Orange France card covers the French side of the Island and one Digicel card covers other locations.

Why is the currency in USD ($)?

To avoid high conversion fees, we bill in the same currency as the main provider of the plan. You can still use a GBP, EUR, or pretty much any other currency to make payment via our payment processor.

What are latency times like in the Caribbean?

Latency times depend on the provider in use. Where Orange FR is used, latency times will be around 300ms – 1000ms as packets need to travel approximately 7000km.

Do I need a dual SIM router to use this plan?

A dual SIM router is recommended but not required. A correctly configured dual SIM router will automatically select the card that will connect to the internet. You can however simply insert the SIM card that will work depending on your current location.