Lowest price per GB internet for yachts

Exceptional coverage and unbeatable prices for yacht internet at sea.

We literally wrote the book on yacht data

We care about the industry that we serve. Join hundreds of other crew members that have learnt how to spot dodgy marine data solutions and provide unbreakable connectivity for guests and owners.

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Fastest marine internet for yachts

Marine data solutions that connect to multiple networks - not just a single operator. A unique SIM card data solution offering the fastest yacht internet available in the marine sector.

Using an EU MNO commercial Sim which covers all EU networks and where it matters such as Greece, Spain, Italy and France where others don’t.

Pay as you go


Pre-pay for your data and use freely over several months. Top-up when needed.

Connect to all networks

Zero speed throttling

Non-steered SIM card

No minimum contract


/ per GB


Unlimited as you go


Pay per GB with a capped maximum cost of €900 per month for unlimited data.

Connect to all networks

Zero speed throttling

Non-steered SIM card

Free data after 300GB


/ per GB

go hybrid

Simply unlimited


A fixed monthly fee for unthrottled data with a multi-network SIM card that connects to every network.

Connect to all networks

Zero speed throttling

Non-steered SIM card

Single or dual SIM


/ per month

Go unlimited

Data routers

Multi-SIM routers combine the power of several cards to give you a faster, more reliable internet connection.

Multiple SIM slots for failover & speed

Peplink certified resellers and engineers

Remote configuration and assistance

Data routers
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Hand holding a mobile phone with an image of a Captain on the screen. Logo at bottom reads 4G Yacht.

Crew phone plans

Options include: Unlimited worldwide data for business use or an allowance for personal use.

Choose a plan or build your own

Physical or e-SIM for immediate use

No long commitment. Monthly contract

Crew phone plans

"Recommend to all yachts"

"Before we started using 4G Yacht services we had resigned ourselves to resolving connection problems a few times every month. Since making the change to the new system we no longer have constant issues and we always get a quick response from the technicians. I recommend this service and 4G Yacht in general to all yachts."

ETO, Motor Yacht Natita


"These guys have been around for years and have managed our on-board (and sometimes shoreside) tech infrastructure for some time now. We rely on the maintenance and support of 4G Yacht services and have built a quality relationship with this company. Well trusted and recommended."

ETo, Motor yacht Ecstasea

Perfectly happy

After a month of leaving every device streaming and using internet in some form, we hadn't hit a single snag. We will likely use a lot of data when all the crew and on-board with guests, so the unlimited plan seems like a bargain compared to other plans that suppliers are trying to sell us. We'll continue with the service now as we are perfectly happy with their team. If anything changes, I'll update this review!

Mirella, AVIT, private MY

Absolutely love it!

We've been using for 6 weeks and haven't had any issues at all. Matt has checked in on us several times which was a nice touch. Generally I don't leave reviews but Matt requested one, so I couldn't refuse!

Nadio, Captain, private MY