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You may think these words "consumer" and "commercial customer" are interchangeable however, that’s not the case - there’s a big difference between a consumer and a commercial customer. Let's start by defining the difference between the two:

The financial conduct authority (FCA) defines this as the following:

Why does this matter? Well, the terms and services that apply to consumer plans vs. commercial plans vary immensely and impacts your internet experience.

As someone who personally owns a mobile phone plan with a network provider, I’m a consumer. The agreement for my SIM card and the use thereof is between myself and the network. The service works well enough for my needs. I browse the web, reply to emails, make calls, send text messages and watch videos online. Occasionally I hook up a laptop and browse the internet from my phone's hotspot. The agreement states I can do all of this, as long as I don’t take the piss. It also states that I alone can use the service, and that the SIM card and plan cannot be used by anyone other than me. I’m also not allowed to resell the SIM card or service - and why would I?

The average consumer plan

Consumer plans:

The average commercial plan

Commercial plans:

Commercial plans are more expensive than consumer plans for two good reasons:
They are legit and allow roaming.

Consumer plans are very bad news for vessels. Think of a yacht cruising around Europe with guests on-board. If you have a consumer grade SIM plan and the operator notices that you are roaming to different countries, you'll likely be disconnected. You may also be disconnected if the operator notices that you are outside the country of origin for that SIM card. Using a huge amount of data and video streaming? It's likely that your consumer grade plan will have a fair usage policy and start throttling the connection, making even simple web browsing almost impossible.

Hopefully at this point the argument in favour of commercial SIM cards for your vessel is clear. If your data supplier doesn't give you a commercial grade plan, forget them and look for a different provider.

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Live data usage

View your current data usage online at any time. Your allowance updates every few hours (4 hours maximum) to give you the most up-to-date usage reporting available.
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No overage charges

All plans are capped, meaning that you cannot go over your bundle allowance. Upgrades are simple and can be completed at any time – even out of business hours and on a weekend.
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Faster upgrades

Unlike other network operators, we can upgrade the plan allowance at any time – even out of business hours.

Better coverage

Gain access to more 4G networks across Europe than our other plans.
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Why KPN?

The network we make use of was created with IoT (internet of things) devices in mind. Without getting too technical, the infrastructure allows us to retrieve and change data for the SIM cards and plans in just a few seconds.

Leveraging KPN partner networks across Europe gives you better 4G network coverage across Europe.

Premium plan coverage

Better 4G network coverage across Europe than our Vodafone and Orange offering.

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Fixed IP address

All SIM cards have the ability to have fixed public IP addresses assigned. This is useful for services such as Exchange server.
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VPN services

A secure VPN encryption service is available with each SIM card. This is useful for keeping data secure, or for use with speed bonding services.

Share data across cards

Choose to share your data across several SIM cards for failover and speed bonding services.