Earn recurring revenue

Partner with Marine Plans and earn recurring commission on referrals.

Marine Plans partner and affiliate program

Big commissions

Earn commission on every referral

You’ll get a unique referral link to give your customers. Once they visit the website and sign-up, you’ll have a steady recurring income for the life of the contract.

Dedicated link

Customers that use your unique link and complete a purchase will automatically appear in your account, with commission applied.

Commission and performance

Gain access to useful insights including link and landing page performance. Your affiliate account includes commission reports so you can check recurring revenue you’ve generated.

More sales, more benefits

Bronze, silver and gold partners

As you bring in more sales, you’ll be eligible for silver and gold partnership status. You’ll receive a higher rate of commission, as a reward you for your hard work.

Only qualified affiliates

Accepting only the best

4G Yacht expects all affiliates to maintain a high quality of service and abide by strict guidelines. Customer service is at the heart of our services and this quality should be represented in the literature and online presence that you exhibit.

Once you sign-up we’ll contact you to learn more about your business and why you think you would be a great affiliate. We’ll provide assistance for as long as you work with us and provide great incentives.


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