10 alarming secrets yachts must know before buying mobile data.

Learn about the shocking tactics used by yacht mobile data providers and how to avoid them.

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What's in the book?

Dirty tactics

Learn the dirty tactics that data providers use to ensure they make a profit regardless of your service experience.

Black market cards

Searching for an "Unlimited data" plan?. Find out why the "Unlimited" card you're buying could be illegal.

Bundles are a con

Why providers favour bundled data over pay as you go.

Why so slow

Learn about latency and why your connection is so slow.

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Completely free

This is our way of giving back to a community that has made our 4G Yacht a success. No matter how technically minded you are, we hope this book dramatically helps you.

How to avoid illegal SIM cards

Tips for finding a reliable provider

Provider checklist included

Matthew Bingham speaking at Capacity Europe
"The points that are made stem from over two decades in the tech industry as both a technician and business owner. The suggested audience includes captains, engineers, stewardesses, fleet managers and pretty much anyone else in the marine industry that is looking to find a good supplier.

If you’re not 100% committed to throwing everything you have behind the success of your vessel, then I can’t help you. If you are, then download now."

This will change the way you look for yacht suppliers. Do not purchase mobile data for your yacht before reading this!

Matthew Bingham, Director

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